Screw it, I’m skipping Unpacked 2022 because of Samsung

I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to Galaxy Unpacked 2022. Although I’m eager for the new flagship devices to go on sale, personally, I’m done with the charade that Unpacked 2022 has become over the past few weeks.

It’s a weird thing to say, I know, especially given my job and my status as a Samsung fan. And I promise I’ll keep this opinion as short as I can. But hand on my heart, this is the truth. I’ll watch Galaxy Unpacked 2022 just so I can say that I did my job by corroborating all the leaks so far with the official information. Beyond that, I’m shutting off the live stream as soon as confirmation comes in.

Why? Because it’s going to be a waste of time, and there’s nothing left to be excited over. For the past few weeks, we got bombarded with more leaks than ever, and although it may not feel like that to you — the reader — I feel like Galaxy Unpacked 2022 already came and went, thanks to all the leaks.

What am I getting out of watching Galaxy Unpacked 2022 that I haven’t gotten so far? I’ll get to see the same slides and renders that leaked far and wide over again, only this time, production values will be higher compared to your usual leaks, and Samsung will try to make a bigger fuss about what we already know.

I keep asking myself: how am I supposed to be hyped about the on-stage debut of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 lineups when there’s nothing left to show? Everything about these flagships has emerged online in great detail through unofficial means, so, other than confirming the leaks, what’s the point of dragging out a one-hour (or longer) event? No, thank you.

I just know I won’t have the patience to look Samsung’s representatives in their eyes on stage at Unpacked 2022 as they pretend that nothing happened and everything’s brand-new and exciting. It isn’t! Not anymore, and not after the countless leaks so far. So, it hurts me to say this, but one of the most exciting tech events of the year turned into a complete snoozefest before it even started. So, screw it, I’m skipping this one.

Are you looking forward to Galaxy Unpacked? Clearly, I am not, and I’d rather spend my evening watching a Netflix show. But I sure hope that the upcoming flagship smartphones and tablets will be worth it once they go on sale and Unpacked 2022 is behind us.

How do you feel about Galaxy Unpacked 2022? Do you still look forward to the event? And, well, if you don’t, feel free to join me on February 9 as I stop caring about it altogether.

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