Samsung unveils a fingerprint security chip for payment cards

Last updated: January 25th, 2022 at 08:50 UTC+01:00

Samsung has unveiled the industry’s first all-in-one fingerprint security chip for payment cards. The S3B512C includes a fingerprint reader, a secure element, and a secure processor, which means that making a fingerprint-enabled debit or credit card would become extremely easy.

The South Korean firm said its new IC (Integrated Circuit) is certified for EMVCo and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+. It also passes Mastercard’s latest Biometric Evaluation Plan Summary (BEPS) specifications. The new chip can read a fingerprint through a biometric sensor, store and authenticate it with tamper-proof Secure Element, and analyze and process data using its Secure Processor.

Payment cards that use Samsung’s new technology can make payments faster and safer than conventional cards. The chipset even supports anti-spoofing technology, which rejects illegitimate attempts to use the card through methods such as artificial fingerprints.

Kenny Han, Vice President of System LSI Marketing at Samsung Electronics, said, “S3B512C combines a fingerprint sensor, Secure Element (SE) and Secure Processor, adding an extra layer of authentication and security in payment cards. “The S3B512C is primarily designed for payment cards but can also be used in cards that require highly secured authentications such as student or employee identification, membership or building access.

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